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Idaho Center for the Book

affiliatedlargeIdaho Center for the Book encourages and promotes interest in reading, writing, making, disseminating, and collecting books, as well as preserving and publicizing the bibliophilic and literary heritage of Idaho. The evolving vision of Idaho Center for the Book construes ‘book’ to include the written word in all its forms. The Idaho Center for the Book is an affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, since 1994; and is housed in Boise State’s Hemingway Center.

The Idaho Center for the Book was founded in 1993 by Tom Trusky (1944 – 2009) a Professor of English (Poetry, Book Arts) at Boise State. As ICB’s founding Director, Tom Trusky instigated a remarkable series of exhibitions, programs and publications designed to confront Idahoans with their own literary character and heritage, and that of the wider world; and to change the way we think about and relate to books. His highly original projects included Idaho Booker’s Dozen, a traveling biennial juried exhibition of artists’ books; Poetry in Public Places, and other projects devoted to making poetry available to Idahoans in unexpected ways; and pioneering scholarship on Idaho book artist James Castle. Since 2009, ICB Director Stephanie Bacon (Professor of Art, Graphic Design, Book Arts) has continued the work of ICB through a redesigned newsletter, an expanded Idaho Booker’s Dozen exhibition program, and other book-related exhibitions and programs at the Arts and Humanities Institute Gallery.

Idaho Film Collection

Idaho Film Collection supports scholarly research and creative activities in film, photography and media studies as these relate to and/or benefit Idaho and the Northwest. IFC supports the activities of filmmakers, photographers and scholars in related fields, as well as public screenings, exhibitions and festivals.

The Idaho Film Collection (IFC) was founded by Tom Trusky prior to 1990, to advance his research on early films and photography of Idaho and the northwest, and the silent films of Nell Shipman in particular. IFC published restored versions of Shipman’s films on dvd, which had only existed in fragmentary form and were in danger of disappearing prior to Trusky’s research. In 2014 documentary filmmaker Karen Day produced a Shipman biography, Girl From God’s Country, of which IFC is an associate producer.

Since 2015, IFC has been directed by Mariah Devereux Herbeck (Professor of French) who has taught over a dozen different courses on film, literature, politics, language and culture. The classes that she has created include a film class on the depiction of social outcasts in contemporary French cinema, a literature class on the representation of the femme fatale in French literature from the 18th-century to today, and a politics course on the French presidential elections.


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