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Funding and Resources

fundinglargeAHI offers multiple opportunities for arts and humanities faculty members to apply for funding and resources to support their research and creative activity. Projects with beneficial outcomes for students and the community are prioritized, as are programs which have an interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary purview.

Calls for Proposals

AHI Small Grants

The Arts and Humanities Institute (AHI) is accepting applications from Boise State University faculty and staff for funding of projects in the Arts and Humanities. Evaluation of these applications will begin immediately, on a rolling basis. Additional consideration will be given to interdisciplinary projects and projects with potential for engagement of the community beyond Boise State University. (AHI can provide assistance in developing public outcomes in cases where that would be useful.)

The limit to AHI participation will be $1,000.00, with a larger contribution possible in unusual circumstances. The Institute assumes that it will be partnering with other units on campus or in the community. Applications should be limited to 500 words, and include the purpose of the grant, a budget, and a description of potential partners, as well as other potential sources of funding, if applicable. If you would like to discuss a possible proposal, feel free to write Please submit proposals as attachments in Word or PDF format to

Faculty Short-Term Workspace

The Arts and Humanities Institute is offering office space (adjacent to the AHI Gallery in the Yanke Center) for work on research and/or creative projects in the Arts and Humanities on a short-term basis, by application/reservation, beginning November 1. Interested faculty of all ranks should submit a short description (500 words maximum) of the project for which the space would be used, and request a time frame (two to twelve weeks.)

The activities proposed for the space must be compatible with close proximity to a functioning art gallery and other offices. At the top of your description, please include the requested start date, end date (when the space will no longer be needed); if the need is ongoing and/or flexible, indicate amount of time requested. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, beginning immediately. Please submit them as attachments in Word or PDF format to

Interdisciplinary Research Communities

Funding and other forms of support are available for the creation of Interdisciplinary Research Communities, in which a cohort of interested faculty and others meet on an established schedule to discuss and develop a shared topical focus (or foci) with applicability to the arts and/or humanities. Interested faculty should submit a letter of interest, describing the focus of the proposed IRC and listing the potential members, or plans for recruiting membership. These proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis; submit them as attachments in Word or PDF format to

Idaho Film Collection Grants

The Idaho Film Collection (an affiliated program of AHI) supports scholarly research and creative activities in film, photography and media studies as these relate to and/or benefit Idaho and the Northwest. IFC supports the activities of filmmakers, photographers and scholars in related fields, as well as public screenings, exhibitions and festivals.

  • Project description: Please provide a detailed 1-2 page description of your project and how it relates to the mission of Idaho Film Collection. Your proposal must include a projected timeline for completion and a description of anticipated outcomes.
  • Budget: Please provide a detailed itemized 1 page budget for the proposed project, including other anticipated sources of funding, and describe how IFC can best support your work. Typically, grants range from $500-$1500.
  • Deadline: Proposals will be reviewed October 15* and March 15 with notification usually provided within 2 weeks of the given deadline.

Please submit application as attachments in Word or PDF format to Mariah Devereux Herbeck (


Intensive Semester Learning Experience (ISLE)

The Arts and Humanities Institute invites applications from faculty to participate in the Intensive Semester Learning Experience (ISLE) program. ISLE offers the opportunity for faculty and students to devote at least six credits of coursework during a single semester to a discrete project that advances research in the arts and/or in the humanities. Within the parameters of the project goals, students work with intellectual and artistic freedom in an atmosphere that encourages creative responses to tangible problems or challenges. Although each ISLE course will have a unique design, we envision the ISLE program courses as opportunities for faculty and students to work closely, collaboratively, and cross-disciplinarily. Successful proposals define the specific processes and outcomes of the project and course, and articulate convincingly the ways in which the course addresses ISLE program goals.

Previous ISLE courses have included some version of the following components: A faculty member project director supported by faculty or expert collaborators that may serve as co-directors, co-teachers, consultants, or speakers; student participants from more than one discipline, including but not limited to students from arts and humanities fields; a course design that provides students the opportunity to create and carry out projects from start to completion while building professional relationships with other students, faculty members, and community consultants or partners.

ISLE courses require planning well in advance of the semester offered, and we invite conversation about your course ideas prior to and throughout the application process. Sample successful proposals are available upon request.

Proposals (1,000 words maximum) should include the following:

  • Project description, including discussion of disciplines involved, student grade levels and credit considerations, the value of the interdisciplinarity envisioned, and the nature of the process and outcomes
  • Faculty participant(s)
  • Campus and community partners
  • Project budget
  • Assessment plan
  • Approval of Chair(s) and Dean(s)

Reporting requirement: Within one month of the completion of the course, the faculty member will submit a report detailing his/her evaluation of the student experience and overall value of the program.

Deadline for applications: Rolling.

To submit a proposal, or to discuss potential ISLES: contact us at